Welcome to LiveEfficient.com

Nowadays you are usually not welcomed on the homepage of a supposedly large website. But in this case it is all right, because it is currently only a small one. Unfortunately, there is currently only very less content.


The idea with this website is to create a central place where you can find tools for the efficient handling of everyday tasks. According to a recipe, you should add one liter of sunflower oil, but do not have a measuring cup to hand? Fortunately you hopefully have a kitchen balance. Just calculate how much a liter of oil weighs. You want to lay laminate? Calculate the area of ​​the floor and divide this value by the surface of a laminate board.

No complicated tasks, but these should be solved efficiently with this website. Of course, tools for solving real complex tasks are also to be provided.

Current Status

The tool is one for a rather non-everyday task: the calculation of the profit when participating in HYIPs. You should actually not participate in such programs, since it is most likely to be a fraud. Please get informed about HYIPs themselves and what risks they entail. If you are familiar with these, do not be afraid to use our HYIP Profit Calculator, which will show you the theoretical profit as well as the entire progress.

HYIP Profit Calculator

Are you missing a tool?

If you miss a tool and would like to have it on this page, do not hesitate to send your idea by e-mail to ideas [at] liveefficient [dot] com. We are, of course, very pleased about to receive your ideas, but also general feedback on the website is welcome.

Finally, we wish you a lot of fun on our website.

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